—Test Cases (Sample)

We have followed the testing of Mercury Tours application. Therefore, any test cases we write will be for Mercury Tours only. Here are some of the Test Cases samples.

1. Test Case_1_Login (Mercury Tours)
2. Test Cases-2-Home Page (Mercury Tours)

Remember again–
The test cases are written BEFORE the developers finish writing their code or in other words, before the application is ready. These test cases tell us what the functionalities should be and how to test them. Remember, the test cases are written from Requirement documents.

Do you still remember the definition?  It is important:

A Test Case is a document that describes step by step process how to test the application. A Test Case includes Test Case ID, Steps Description, Expected Output, Actual Output, Pass/Fail, Remarks.

Click the link below to see how a Test Case Looks like:

Test Case