Test Plan (Sample)

What is a Test Plan?

A Test Plan is a document describing the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of intended testing activities. It identifies test items, the features to be tested, the testing tasks and who will do each task (roles and responsibilities) and any risks and its solutions.

Note:  For the interview purpose, don’t try to memorize the contents of the Test Plan.  Just memorize what it contains and that should be enough.  If you want to get an idea how it looks, you can view by clicking the link below.

I strongly recommend that you don’t read the test plan now, but the definittion and what it contains.  When you are on the job and you have to write a Test Plan, only then you can refer to this test plan below (Each organization has it’s own way of writing Test Plans, but if you have to refer, then you can refer the sample below.

This test plan is a courtesy of softwaretestclass.com.

Click the link below to see how a Test Plan looks like.


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